Laminate products

Our products are made of polyester resins, reinforced with glass fibre. This material is known as laminate or fibreglass.

Laminated calve-rearing shelters are used for outdoor calf-breeding, protecting calves against adverse weather. Calves are bred in outdoor climatic conditions which create favourable prerequisites for good condition and health of the animals. The advantage of our laminated calf-rearing shelters is:

  • They are made of fibreglass certified for risk-free use in the food industry
  • Easy disinfection and maintenance
  • Long life
  • Resistance to UV radiation

We also manufacture:

  • Laminated cote pans
  • Laminated silo drains
  • Shelters for piglet-rearing dens
  • Fish tanks
  • Lids and covers for waste water treatment plants
  • Water tanks

We are able to manufacture other products based on customer’s wishes.

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Laminatové výrobkyLaminatové výrobky


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